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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Oral Report

I have to speak
in front of the class.
I told my teacher
I wanted to pass.

"You have to give
your oral report."
"I'd rather not,"
was my retort.

Giving speeches
 isn't fun.
I wish this part was
already done.

I know I shouldn't 
worry, fret or care,
But, I can't think of the class
in their underwear.

   How are you at public speaking?  Has anyone told you to think of your audience in their underwear as a way to get over nervousness?  It doesn't work.  The people who tell you that aren't afraid to get up and speak.  Maybe you'd like to write a poem about giving oral reports today.  Have fun writing your poem.  I think I'm going to try writing about the underwear the speaker sees for a funny poem.  Enjoy your day.

I saw a woman with a t-shirt that had FLOURISH printed on the front.  It made me think FLOURISH is a great word.

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