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Monday, August 20, 2012

Mr. Scorpion

Who is that
on the floor?
Has he come in
under the door?

With a paper
and a cup
I scoop
Mr. Scorpion up.

And then I throw
 him out the door
I caution him
never come back
any more.

     One of the not so nice things about living in Arizona is living with scorpions.  Fortunately most of the time they stay outside, but every once in a while they creep under the door and come in the house.  Then we have to get rid of them.
     This picture is a dead scorpion I found on the road outside my house on my morning walk.

      Yesterday on the radio I heard a woman from Florida talking about the gators and water moccasin snakes where she lives.  Just about anywhere you live there is going to be some annoying pest.  What is where you live?  Mosquitoes the size of refrigerators?  Fire ants whose bites flare up brighter than a dance dress?  Today's challenge is to write a poem about one of the pesky things in your area--it could even be a younger brother or sister who is always borrowing your things.  Have fun writing, and as always if you'd like to share you creation, you may use the comments section below. 


  1. Joy,
    You're a good sport about the scorpions.

    I hope I never see a mosquito the size of a refrigerator. If I do, I'll train him and his relatives to suck up some of the rain puddled here and spray it on fires in other parts of the country. How about that?

  2. Oh what fun.
    All that rain must make for terrible humidity.
    Hope you're cool and dry today.