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Friday, October 24, 2014


What will I be 
this Halloween
a ladybug, a bum,
a zombie, or a queen?

A cowboy, super hero,
or a rock star
maybe a wild scientist
who captures bugs in a jar.

A maid or a butler,
or a football player,
perhaps I'll dress
as a dragon slayer.

A circus performer
or a ballerina,
I might be the monkey man
who plays concertina.

A pirate who wears
a patch over one eye,
or a clown with big feet
and a shaving cream pie.

I can take my dog
but I'll need to disguise her
as a librarian, a doctor
or someone who is wiser.

Too many things that 
I can be.
Perhaps I'll just
go out as me.

    Will you dress up for Halloween?  Can you write a poem about a Halloween costume?
    In England if you go to a costume party, they call it a fancy dress party.  Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to show up wearing the wrong clothes? 
    It is hard to believe that I only need to write seven more Halloween themed poems and I'll have a month's worth.  I think I can do this.  Have fun writing your own poem.

    We need to celebrate, my blog post counter shows that I have posted over 1300 poems on my blog.  Thank you for reading all those poems.
    Today is Poetry Friday and Cathy Mere is hosting the Roundup at her blog, Merely Day by Day   Thanks, Cathy. 


  1. Wow-1300 poems, Joy. Congratulations. And writing a poem every day for Halloween is quite a feat too. My granddaughter just showed me her costume today, a dancer/leopard. Hm-m, tutu, spots, & all.

  2. Wow! I've never thought about being a dancing leopard--with two left feet. I'm thinking this could be a fun picture book.

    The dancing leopard
    has two left feet
    to wiggle his spots
    and keep the beat.

  3. Joy,
    You have picture book all over you.

    I liked that the wild scientist collects bugs in a jar. Congratulations on your 1300 posts and the many smiles you encouraged.

    Keep the collection coming. You can do it!

    1. Thanks for all your encouragement and support Linda.