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Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Poetry Friday
Life on the island is getting chilly.  People have gotten their socks out to keep their feet warm.
It was 49 degrees one night this week.  Our day time temperatures are in the high 60's.

The chicks are still cuddling close to their mothers to keep warm as the island gets ready to the holiday season.

We did have a slight sprinkle last Friday evening but folks didn't let that get in the way of their enjoyment of the Christmas parade on Rice Street.

I did get my final art project done for my class at the junior college.  I'm a little sad that the course is over, but I'm extremely happy with everything I learned.

    Last week I shared with you the sketch for my final project.  Here is what I ended up with for the art.

Dog eating peanut butter driving his trolley through to Platform 9 3/4

Snoop, my dog
starts to sputter
when he eats
his peanut butter.

He's off to Hogwarts.
It's his turn.
There's lots of things
he wants to learn.

For Christmas he knows
what he wants to get,
more peanut butter,
you can bet!

And here's what
he'll give to you,
it's his ability
to drive on through
Platform 9 3/4.
Come to Hogwarts too. 

   Have you ever thought about what it would be like if your favorite picturebook character went to Hogwarts?  Paddington, Winnie, Charlotte, Wilbur, George, Lucy?  What would Amelia Bedilia do there? 

Never pass up the opportunity to make someone else's day a good one.

Our host for Poetry Friday this week is  Lisa.  You can find more poetry at Steps and Staircases.  Thanks for rounding up the poetry this week, Lisa .

Don't forget, we're gathering next week, Dec. 15, at Matt Forrest's place  Radio, Rhythm and Rhyme for a virtual holiday party.  He's already started baking.


  1. Fun poem and charming art, Joy! Good to hear you enjoyed your class. And 60's is chilly for Hawaii!

  2. Oh my gosh, Joy! How fun. I'm going to have to give this a try.....thinking of my character that I want to send to Hogwarts right now.

  3. You really created a wonderful painting, Joy. There's color and movement and it goes with your fun poem just perfectly. I love your idea of other "characters" going to Hogwarts, and hope none are scary! There's already plenty there! See you next week at the party!

  4. What a fun idea, Joy! The visual, as well as the invitation to ponder favorite characters going to Hogwarts, is amusing. Thank you for sharing both.

  5. The poem and picture turned out great! Better bundle up with those temps. ;)

  6. What fun! I love the news from the islands as much as your poem/picture!