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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I try not to jump,
scream or shout.
I don't want to let 
my temper out.

If my anger
I do not mend,
my temper comes back
in the end.

So instead of mad words
that may cause harm
I take a deep breath
and aim to be calm.

     Oh gosh, some days are harder than others.  The idea is hidden in this poem, but the words need some work.  Let's just call today's poem a draft.  At least I have the idea down so I can come back to it later to work on.  Can you write your own poem about being mad today?  What happens to you when you get mad?  What makes you mad?  What makes you lose your temper?  Have fun writing a draft for your poem.

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  1. Hi Joy, you won the copy of my poetry book, Chiaroscuro! What email would you like me to send it to? Thanks so much for commenting on my interview. :)