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Sunday, May 17, 2015


If we were in Norway
the peole would say--
Happy Nasjonaldagen.
Happy National Day.
Happy Grunnlovsdagen.
Happy Constitution Day

It is a good thing
the moon is bright
because we'll be partying
all through the night.

We'll have a parade.

We'll march right here.
Because we're celebrating
the best day of the year.

Play the music.
Grab your flag.
We'll wear native dress
It's called bunad.

Eat some lutefish,
lefse and cranberries.
Try some meatballs, rutabaga.
Let's all be merry.

Syttende Mai
we celebrate 
with flags and dance.
It's a day for parades
and Norwegian  romance.

Happy Syttende Mai.

     The 17th of May is the date the Norwegian constitution was signed making it sovereign from Sweden.  In the US we celebrate the day with parades and good Norwegian food.  Claiming to have the largest parade outside of Oslo, Norway is Ballard, a community in Seattle, WA.  Wisconsin, Chicago and New York also have parades today.
    Do you celebrate this day?  What does a bunad look like?  What does the Norwegian flag look line?  Can you write a poem about a parade today?  Or write about food or dance.  Have fun writing. 

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  1. Joy,
    What a great description of all the many celebrations that might have occurred. Thank you!