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Thursday, August 29, 2013


His elbow jabbed me
in the ribs.
He told me he was
calling dibs.

Upon the pear
I thought was mine.
I didn't think
his jab was fine.

I didn't think his jab
was kind.
I thought I'd share
some of my mind.

I wondered what
I should say
to let him know
he'd NOT get his way.

And jabbing elbows is not wise.
We need to learn to compromise. 

And with thisyellow, juicy pear
perhaps, he and I 
could learn to share.


  1. I really LOVE the title... Ily cloey

    1. Thank you Cloey. I didn't have a title for this poem when I got done, and this one is the first thing that jumped into my mind. Calling someone a "selfish snot" is probably not the best way to build friendships, and certainly NOT the best modeling of good behavior which this poem is about, but I enjoyed the alliteration of the title and I'll probably change this title and write another poem about a kid who is selfish with his snot when he has a cold--something one would hope children would do. If is much better than name calling.