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Friday, November 7, 2014


My dog at 17,
he's always sweet.
He is never mean.

My dog is a bore,
he dribbles his food
on the floor.

My dog is so dumb,
he stands still
when I yell COME.

My dog is a fool,
on the floor
he likes to drool.

My dog practically shouts,
every five minutes
he wants to go out.

My dog is a creep,
all he does is
sleep, sleep, sleep.

My dog is a grouch,
his favorite bed
is my couch.

My dog is very rude,
he stands at his dish
to gulp his food.

My dog chews
on the phone
like it is
his tasty bone.

My dog still wants
a hug
after he piddles
on the rug.

With all these faults
my dog has got
I love the rascal
quite a lot.

     When a poet repeats a line or phrase in a poem, this poetic technique is called anaphora. Do you see how I've started most of the stanzas with the phrase My Dog is?  As I was writing this poem I kept thinking about the Yo Mama jokes that were popular.  So can you pick a pet--a dog, a cat, a bird, a goldfish--and use anaphora to write several couplets about your pet.  Have fun writing.
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  1. I have an 18+ year-old cat, and I think I could just substitute the words "my cat," and it would still work. Except, perhaps, for the line about going out. With my cat it's meowing loudly for a treat. She does not take "no" for an answer.

    1. I'll bet you could add several of your own cat verses.
      Thanks for hosting us today, Diane.

  2. Gotta love that dog! Determined to keep on going.

    1. Yes, Linda.
      Spot certainly does keep me going!

  3. Funny to imagine my dogs of the past in these settings, so true. Your dog sounds like, well, a dog!

    1. Hey Linda, how is Colorado doing on fall? Did you read Diane's comment. These actions fit her cat too.
      Thanks for commenting. It is great to see you here.

  4. At 17 your dog is amazing! Thank goodness for dogs to keep us grounded. =)

    1. Oh yes. Grounded indeed. Every five minutes I have to get up to let him out. And in between I'm getting up to let him in.

  5. Even though your dog can (seemingly) be annoying, at least he's inspirational, too!

    1. Mary Lee, you've inspired me. See my post for Sunday, November 9, 2014. My haiku explains what happens with irritations like my pesky old dog.