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Saturday, July 11, 2015


Today, I count butterflies
in my backyard.
First, I see the sulphers
flutter by to pause
on the trumpet vine
uncoil the long  proboscis
drink a sweet drop of nectar
before flittering off
in a yellow dance, like music
like rain drops on leaves and petals.

Then I see an orange and black.
It could be a Viceroy or a Monarch.
I must count the bars on forewings
to be certain.

Not like their orange and brown cousin
the Painted Lady who flies through my yard
stopping here and there to spread wings.

And the Swallowtails come
with red dots on their hindwings
It makes me think of tuxedos,
this marvelous creature of flight.

I wonder what it must be like
to start life as a lowly caterpillar
crawling on leaves, munching,
munching, until it hides
in a cocoon.  Then to evolve
into something beautiful,
lighter than light, so butterflies
can take flight.

And I know, I too
soon must change.
My time is near.

    Today's poem is a free verse poem.  Can you write your own free verse poem about what you see in your room, or backyard?  Have fun.  

All nature sings in children's poetry. 

1 comment:

  1. Joy,
    You have captured so much in these few words and without a butterfly net. ;) I'm not sure how to take the ending. I'll keep it close to my heart.