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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


A javelina stood in the road today.
He didn't budge, as if to say,
"I hear that you are moving away.
I think I'd like for you to stay."

It was a while before he moved on,
he ambled off, and then was gone.
I didn't move, or even try.
I was sad when the javelina said,
"Good bye."

     Lately, it seems like the animals are coming out in force to give me wonderful memories of Arizona.  Do you really think they are giving me a special treat because I'm moving away?  Several times this week the phainopepla has perched at the top of the ocotillo to sing a symphony just for me.  I feel a little like that man who was trying to grow tulips for his spring garden party.  All winter long he'd go out to where the bulbs were planted.  He'd talk to the plants; he'd croon and whistle to them; he'd tell them how beautiful they would be.  When Spring came the bulbs didn't stick their pretty little heads up.   The man stepped up his efforts.  He gave them extra fertilizer.  The day before the garden party, still nothing.  By now the man was angry that all his time and efforts were for nothing.  He went out to the garden.  He stomped his feet.  He yelled and cursed.  He told the bulbs, "If you don't come up by tomorrow, I'm going to rip you out of the ground."
    The next day the man went back out to his garden ready to go to work digging the bulbs up, but to his amazement there were beautiful, richly colored tulips, all abloom just in time for the garden party.
   Now that I'm ready to move, all those animals I waited patiently to see are showing themselves to me.

   Can you write a poem today about something you have learned from observing?  Have fun.

I am thankful.  What do you give thanks for?


  1. I was just going to say that the animals must be showing up for you because you're leaving, Joy. What a sweet good-bye poem. But now you will have other animals to see and write about and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Dear Joy,
    I am thankful for you and your fun way of viewing life!

  3. Joy,
    I looked up this animal to learn more, plus I enjoyed your folk tale/story about the man and his garden party. You teach so much through your experiences. I also know you'd never burst into an outrage. Maybe that's why you're being visited. Enjoy!

  4. I had no idea what a Javelina was until now, an I had no idea they were native to your area. Fun. Thanks for the poem. I'm thankful our daughter is able to be home for Thanksgiving.