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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Today is Groundhog Day.
Will it be sunny
or dark and gray?
Will Mr. Groundhog
stay and play,
or will he see his shadow
and run away?

  Living in Kauai, I figured there wouldn't be groundhogs here.  And there aren't any.  I called the zoo in Honolulu to check my facts.  I wanted to know if there were any burrowing animals in Hawaii.  As I thought about it, I didn't think so. The islands are made of volcanic rock and that wouldn't be easy to burrow into that rock.  But I found out that there are sea animals and birds that burrow along the shore line.  And there is a blind snake that many people confuse with a worm.  It is small.  So my next question, are there any animals that hibernate on Kauai? It certainly doesn't get cold enough here for an animal to need to hibernate.  The zoo hasn't gotten back to me on that question.  What other burrowing animals live in your part of the world?  Can you write your own poem?

The poet is he who inspires far more than who is inspired.  Paul Elaurd


  1. I see you're enjoying researching your new surroundings.

  2. Every time I learn something new, it is exciting. There aren't any sea gulls on Kauai. But there are albatross and sheerwaters. The birds here are totally different.