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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dinosaur Food Fight

I love the idea of having a food fight.  Actually, I did have one once with a squeeze bottle of ketchup.  A boy watching was so upset that he started to cry and I felt terrible about that.  He remembers how upset watching made him feel and I've never done it again.  So, take my advice and avoid food fights if you can.


The dinosaurs are having
a fight over food.
I know their behavior
is tremendously rude.
Tyrannosaurus Rex is baring
his teeth--they're white.
Stegosaurus is snapping.
He's ready to fight.
Apatasaurus is snarling.
Oh what a sight!
Allosaurus is gnashing
his jaws to bite.
Triceratops is gnawing,
with all his might.
The pteradon’s feet are clawing,
They're gripping tight.
Ankylosaurus’s tail is thrashing.
He's signaling fright!

I’m leaving this party
as quick as can be,
Cause the food that
they’re fighting

     Do you like knowing about dinosaurs?  I do.  Try writing your own poem about a dinosaur.  Have fun and share your poem with me if you'd like.

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