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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fishing with Grandpa

My grandpa takes me fishing
in his little rowing boat.
I have to wear a life vest
'cause if we tip, I want to float.

We take our rods and reels
out upon the lake.
We also take along
a can of wormy bait.

I do not like to touch them,
I only like to look.
So Grandpa takes a juicy one
and baits it on my hook.

I feel a little sorry
for that squiggly, wiggly worm
and if I did not need him,
I would not cause him harm.

I drop my line overboard
cross my fingers in a wish.
I hope that wiggly quiggly worm
catches me a great big fish.

Sitting in the morning sun,
I'm feeling rather fine.
Quietly I'm counting,
then,  a big tug on my line.

The float on my line is bobbing,
tell me what should I do?
 I'm reeling in a great big fish.
Oh NO! It's someone's rotten shoe.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Joy,

    I wonder what happened to the worm. Hmmm...Maybe that could be the follow-up poem.

    Would you consider showing your readers the steps you took to create this poem or a shorter one? That could be very helpful.

    Linda A.