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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Dreams

This is a poem that should probably sit and percolate some more, but I like the way it is shaping up and I like the way it sounds in my mouth.  So I thought I'd share it with you.  This is a story poem about dreams.  Very different from the ice cream dream poem of last week.


An eagle soared high in the sky
he watched below with his eagle eye.

He saw a boy playing, it looked like fun
sledding a hill in the winter sun.

Eagle circled, floated and started to drift.
He looped and knew of a gift
he would send to the young boy.

The boy's mother gathered fluffy goose down
to put in her rough sack
She picked up the eagle feather gleaming white
added it to the sack on her back.
Took home her treasures,

made a little blue bag

then put the feathers in
to make a pillow for her son.

When he lays his head down
he has great dreams
of birds flying in the blue sky
wind drifting and clouds floating by
of castles and dragons
and princes in wagons
fast speeding racing cars
and thousands of glistening stars
shining in the sky at night
and of one little feather snowy white.

He thinks the perfect place to lay his head
is in his own little room on his own little bed
so he cuddles his pillow
and has feather dreams
remembering today
is a wonderful day.
Good night to the boy.
Good night to you.
And may you have
feather dreams too.

Can you write a poem about one of your dreams?  What do you like to dream about?

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