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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cracker

Sitting at my place
for Christmas dinner
is a Christmas cracker.

My sister holds one end,
I hold the other,
we both pull.

A loud P*O*P
and confetti strings
fly everywhere.

Inside is a funny 
purple paper hat
that I put on.

A paper fortune
that says I'm going
to come into money.

And a little metal
toy that makes a noise
like a cricket.  

My sister's cracker
has a pink hat
and her fortune says
she has much treasure
in her friends.

Her toy is two metal
nails that are twisted together
and she has to figure
how to separate them.

Everyone at the table
looks a little silly
with our paper crowns
and funny fortunes
and our little toys.

Christmas is
a very special 
time of year.

      Just when I was starting to slow down on ideas for Christmas poems, a friend wrote a note that reminded me of the Christmas my family spent in Oxford and all the British things we did for the holiday, like having crackers and going to the Christmas panto at a local theatre. I shouldn't forget Boxing Day either.  Oh, this is fun.  So can you write a poem about the holiday in a different culture of climate?   

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