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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

If you look 
at the sky tonight,
You may see
a magical sight.
There the North Star
is shining so bright
to guide Santa, his sleigh
and the reindeer in flight.
On the roof tops
they alight.
So Santa can squeeze
down the chimneys tight
and deliver gifts
all through the night
for children who have been good
to give them delight.
When the children awake
their smiles are bright.
I hope you have a
Happy Christmas Eve Night.

    WOW!  I think I did it, a whole month's worth of Christmas themed poems.  Can you try writing a list poem about all the great things about the holiday season.  At the top of my list would be you.  Thank you for reading my poems and for all your support.

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  1. Joy,
    I would never think to read a poem a day if it were not for you. I admire your skills and your willingness to share so frequently. You are the twinkle in the tree lights. Happy holidays.