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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ocean Christmas

If you are diving
deep in the sea,
dolphins have gathered
kelp for a tree.

Sand dollars and sea stars
for your enjoyment
hang on the kelp
like a Christmas ornament.

They are all there
deep in the ocean vast,
to wish each other
a Merry Christmas.

    Some funny rhymes today.  I'm not sure how well enjoyment rhymes with ornament.  And  certainly pairing vast with Christmas is a stretch and a slip rhyme.  But that only means this isn't a perfect poem and it is one I can come back and play with at a later date.  Oh, I do love when I can come back and play with my poems more than once.  What good fun.  So for today can you take one of your favorite old poems and visit with it again? Are there words you would change?  have fun revising.

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  1. Your poems are like old friends you long to visit again. I love that revision is play for you. The images here are grand for beach lovers and would make a terrific picture book idea for Christmas. I imagine beach gift shops would like to carry just such an item. Maybe Sylvan Dell would be interested too. I can see the dolphin as the main character who recruits friends to help decorate for a character who...You get the idea.