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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

My mother, the youngest daughter
of the Iowa farmer's ten children
pumped a hand car to ride to school.

She fed the chickens, detassled the corn
and played trombone in the community band.

Worked hard all her life.
Drove a fork lift at Douglas aircraft
during the war.

Married my father, the bigamist,
had two daughters
got a teaching credential.

Needed extra money to pay off
the debts of that bigamist,
to pay for the divorce lawyer.

She got a night job
at a drive in theater
as a bookkeeper.

Then married her boss
kept his books
while he drank any profit.

She sent those two
girls to college
and graduate school.

When she retired
she moved to the beach
began china painting.

Adorned each cup and saucer,
each plate and jelly jar
or butter dish with flowers.

Each creation the perfection
of strawberry, gold finch
cardinal or dogwood.

Her art, lives on
bringing joy and happiness
to me as I eat my toast
on this Mother's Day morning
thinking of Mom.

My friend Bridget Magee www.weewordsforweeones.blogspot.com and I both wrote Mother's Day poems to post today. You can read her poem at the link above. Did you write a poem for your own mother? Can you? You can post your poem in the comments section below.
Here's hoping you have a great Mother's Day.


  1. Beautiful post and great idea. I will write my mom a poem. thanks! (and maybe one for each of my daughters too!)

  2. Joy,
    Your mom's story speaks of survival and overcoming tough odds. Go mom! I'm glad she found peace through art and that the desire to create passed to you.