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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Let's go swimming.
Do you want to come?
We can splash
in the pool
and have a lot of fun.

We can touch the bottom
and swim side to side.
We can kick and splash.
We can float and glide.

So if we need to cool off,
Let's head for the pool.
We'll play Marco Polo
and follow all the rules.

   Do you like to swim?  In Tucson it was 106 again today, so I really like to swim to cool off.  The water is in the 80's. This makes for a really nice swim.  When I was young, I took Red Cross swimming lessons from the time I was very young. 
    My son took baby swimming lessons and won badges for back stroke and 25 and 50 meter swimming when he was 4. (We were living in England then.)  He joined a summer swim team when he was 5 and won lots of ribbons.  He became a life guard in high school and taught swimming to young children.  He still loves to swim.
    Can you write your own poem about swimming today?  Or how about one about water.

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  1. Joy,
    It's hard to beat a swim in hot, hot weather. Sounds like high temperatures are there to stay for a while. I loved the memories this poem stirred. Thanks for sharing them.