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Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Tea Party

I'm having fun with the tea party.
Liz Steinglass suggested a duck.  Here is a first draft.

If you invite a duck to a party,
watch out for his big feet.
They are webbed and wet
and you can bet
he'll use them both to eat.

     When I lived in North Carolina, there was a man in our community who was born without arms, so he had to do everything with his feet.  He never wore shoes because he needed his toes to pick up his fork, to drink his coffee, to turn the page in the book he was reading.
     He was the nicest, most interesting man.  He had his own gardening company and even on the coldest of days, he'd be outside, barefoot, working.

     Since I'm still on the tea party, would you like to come?  Write your own poem to include in the comments below. 

    Happy Saturday, I'm off to the Library to look for Laura Numeroff 's If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, to see if I can learn more about rhyming from her.  

    Each of the faculty at the Highlight's Founders Workshop, Poetry for All, stressed reading as well as writing, so I'm off for the reading part.


  1. Joy,
    I'm looking forward to seeing who else is on the guest list. Fun!

  2. thanks for the backstory on this poem. I bet your friend the gardener would have been pleased that he inspired your poem! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the Highlights folks!

  3. LOL I love this!!! I have ducks so know it is very true :D