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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A tongue is
an amazing thing.
It lets us talk
and helps us sing.

We use it when
we need to chew.
So many things
a tongue can do.

But let me advise
you, this my son,
use caution when
you use your tongue.

Hold your tongue.
Don't speak fast.
Words once uttered
tend to last.

Pain and hurt
can rue the day
when your tongue 
wags away.

     This is a didactic poem. A didactic poem tries to teach.  This one advises to think before you speak.  As Geoffrey Chaucer admonished:
 A tongue cutteth friendship all a-two.       
    Do you have some rules that your parents tell you, or classroom rules?  Maybe say please and thank you, use an inside voice, or chew with your mouth closed?  Can you write your own poem today that offers an instruction?  Have fun writing.  If this doesn't appeal try writing about when the rules go wrong.

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  1. Joy,
    Love this one! It is fun and yet teaches too. I think teachers would like it. I believe it would be a great one to dramatize. Perfect for teaching good character.