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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Woke up this morning
there on my deck
a snake was sleeping
and causing heck.

The dog was barking,
the cat hissed to say,
Wake up, Mr. Snake.
Please slither away.


  1. Really? I do believe if true that the dog and cat would certainly put up some kind of ruckus! And hope it 'slithered' away!

    1. Sort of, old Spot is getting half blind and he walked right by the snake on his way out to do his business. I had to call him in quickly before he saw Mr. Snake. I didn't want Spot trying to make breakfast out of the snake.
      So I called Spot back into the house and the snake was just watching me. I shouted, "Shoo!" as I closed the door and the snake still sat there for another beat or two before he did slither away, but not before I could run to grab my camera and get several pictures.
      I guess I should thank the snake for today's poem and the photo.

  2. Joy,
    The snake needs new spectacles. He read the address incorrectly on the deck party invitation. Maybe you should leave a pair handy!

    1. Great idea, Linda. A snake who needs spectacles could make a cute picture book.