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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Oh, dear! What should I do?
I opened my mouth
and a boat with Jonah
came in too.

A boat and Jonah,
I should note
are stuck
down there
inside my throat.

Oh, dear!  What can I say?
I've coughed and coughed
but they won't go away.

Oh, dear! I feel quite ill.
No matter my effort,
they're stuck there still.

Oh, dear! I don't want 
Jonah for a guest.
With him in my throat
I can not rest.

Oh, dear! On keeping them
I'm not too keen,
I like food filtered
through my baleen.

Oh, dear!  I'm surely stuck.
that wooden boat
is my bad luck.

Oh, dear! I can't take much more.
My throat is raw
and very sore.

Oh, dear! I don't want to pout.
Can you tell me
how to get them out?

      This is a poem that works well for a group reading.  The group can repeat the refrain of, "Oh dear!" or members of the group can be given separate lines.  Can you try writing you own poem with a repeated line today? 


  1. Typo... Need to change before u put it in ur keeping file... Stanza 5 ... Have Noah... Should be Jonah ... Ily. Cloey

    1. Thanks so much, Cloey. I appreciate your good eyes. Keep up the good work. I need you as a reader.

  2. I've often wondered how that whale felt!

    1. Thanks, BJ, Me too. I always wondered what a whale was supposed to do.