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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Elf

A happy elf
worked all year long
and as she worked
she sang this  song:

"Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas,
I make toys
for good
girls and for boys."

All year long
she sang happily
making toys 
for you and me.

Now she rests
on a shelf
glad to be
a hard working elf.

    Happy Poetry Friday.  What are you working on today?  Can you write a poem about Santa's elves today?

    Today's Poetry Roundup is hosted by Robyn Hood Black. Thanks for stopping by today.  For more fun read all the poems I've posted this week.  I have a video with Scarves, audio with two other poems this week.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Marjorie,
      I've got to work on a poem about her making cookies.
      Take time to enjoy the day and do something fun for yourself.

  2. Glad to meet your girlie elf. She's definitely not a procrastinator. She finished all her work and had time to rest when most of us are just getting started. Yay girlie elf! We should harness her energy and drive.

    1. Working hard is a virtue. Have a great weekend.

  3. You know, it figures there are lady elves working hard all year in order to get that sleigh filled on time... ;0) Thanks for this holiday heroine, Joy!

  4. Thanks for hosting today, Robyn? When does your daughter get home from college?

  5. This is so cute, Joy. We have two little elves that live under our Christmas tree. Time to write a poem for them, I think! And the picture is darling; is that yours?

    1. Yes, Linda, the picture is mine. I try very hard not to infringe upon someone else's copyright. I took this picture in my grocery store. The photo of the wall hanging I'm using tomorrow is from that too. I'm hoping taking pictures of things in public venues isn't a breach. The tag on the wall hanging said "Made in China" so I figured there wasn't another artist I needed to credit.
      And YES, please write a poem for your own elves under your tree. It would make us all happy.

  6. Sooo cute, I love it. :) I live for elves and fairies.

    1. Myra,
      Thank you for stopping by. Your line "I live for fairies and elves." is to die for. How wonderful. It may end up in one of my poems. Would that be OK with you? Otherwise, you must use it yourself. It is such a great prompt.

  7. Joy, I so admire your discipline and success! at keeping up with a poem a day. I also appreciate the way you address younger blog-readers directly. I hope you have a big audience!

    1. Me too, Heidi. Thank you. I know several teachers whose students follow my blog. I really do try to keep this a safe place for children to visit. You have a great blog too. I enjoy reading your poetry and the comments from the kids you teach. I always learn something from your blog. When does your winter break start?

  8. This poem made me smile - I'm all for industrious elves!

  9. The elf has been busy in my house this weekend, writing poetry and making candy. Now the elf needs to think about grading papers and cleaning the house!