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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bye Bye Balloons

At the end of the day
they put away
the party decorations.

After the bash
balloons went in the trash--
the end of the celebration.

     I saw these balloons on my morning walk.  Your challenge today is to take a walk and write a poem about something you see on your walk.  Have fun.
     My friend Joan Edwards is blogging about 8 reasons to walk,


  1. Joy,
    Seems sad to see balloons in the trash.

  2. I agree, so sad. Why couldn't they have played a game to pop the balloons at least?

  3. I thought is was interesting to see so many balloons in the trash too. That was why I was compelled to take the picture. Balloons are usually considered "happy" things, but all those balloons that were no longer needed seemed sad to me.