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Friday, January 18, 2013

My Anger

Sometimes I get angry.
I shout, stomp and scream.
My face turns a hot, bright red.
Can you see the steam?

Sometimes I simply lose it
when I try to hold that knot.
I'd call my anger an enemy
but then again it's not.

For anger let's me know
that something isn't right,
and I should try to talk things out
instead of starting fights.

Yes, anger is a friend of mine
for I must learn control,
and anger sees what needs to change
to make my life more whole.

     I'm not mad, actually I'm happy it is Friday--time for Poetry Friday Roundup.  Violet Nesdoly is hosting today and you can find lots of other children's poems to read by following that link above.  Thank you Violet for hosting us.

     Your challenge for today is to try to write a simile about being mad or angry.   "I'm as mad as ________.
What simile can you find to fill in that blank?
A startled rattle snake.
An alligator transported to Alaska. (seems I'm stuck on short a sounds, let' see)
A bucking zebra bitten by hornets.


  1. Sweet poem, Joy! Good subject, too...hm, another to add to the list to do. :)

    1. Thanks Renee.
      I loved your rabbits over at www.nowaterriver.com

      I always feel like I'm going to the theatre or experiencing a film production when I visit with you--what fun.
      I'm going to have to order a copy of LIZARD LOU, it looks like a fun read for kids.

  2. An insightful poem, Joy, both for kids and adult. Thanks for sharing your "anger" with us, if only for its inspiration for your poem. Happy Friday! =)

    1. Thanks Bridget.
      I'm looking forward to reading your haiku today. I just love Poetry Fridays.

  3. i like your look at anger as a friend, Joy. Interesting thoughts.

    1. I don't know about you, Linda, but I always beat myself up when I get mad and lose my temper. At least until I read a quote from Julia Cameron that anger was her friend. Once I changed my perspective on anger, I found that I was getting angry far less often. Instead of being upset with myself, I started seeing the opportunities that were coming from the anger. I wanted kids to see that too, so that instead of feeling bad, or sad about losing their temper, kids could see it as a chance for action in a positive direction.

    2. You are right to also apply it to teaching kids about this too. I like the idea, instead of finding ways to stop the anger, find ways to turn it into positive action.

  4. "anger sees what needs to change"

    Love how your poem comes around to this realization, Joy, after acknowledging the emotion.

    1. Yes Jama,
      I bet you knew this all the time. I loved your scones this week. Give Cornelius a hug from me.

  5. Hi, Joy. I do a simile workshop with kids where we turn emotions into animals. It's amazing how freeing that is for children. When they are not writing about *themselves* they feel comfortable describing how powerful feelings like anger can be.

  6. Joy,
    What a great message for us all. I loved the image of anger as a friend. I hope a series on different emotions follows.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Joy! This morning on CNN Headline News, they had a feature of viewers sharing what their New Year's Resolution were/something they wanted to change. I thought it was interesting that the young man they featured wanted to work on his short fuse. This poem would have helped him!

  8. Great way to turn anger into a good thing, Joy. Thanks for sharing!

  9. It's also a great way to teach a lesson without it sounding like a lesson! Well done.