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Friday, January 4, 2013

Pinkie Promise

Each day provides its own gifts.  Marcus Aurelius

I'll try
to do
my best."

That's what
he said
to me.

And then 
he grabbed
my little finger
and held
on to
my pinkie.

"This is
my pinkie

is what
he said
to me.

     I received an email today from children's poet David L. Harrison and in his message he used the term pinkie vow.  I thought about this being another form of nonverbal communication, like the shaka.  I've been reading People Watching by Desmond Morris--a book all about nonverbal communication and wondered how children learn the nonverbal signals of our culture.  I think a poem is a fun way to learn.  Can you write your own poem today about a gesture or other form of nonverbal communication?  Have fun.

     Poetry Friday is hosted today by Matt Forrest  Esenwine at Radio, Rhythm and Rhyme.


  1. Joy, I haven't thought about a 'pinkie promise' in a long, long time, have even forgotten them. We did them all the time! You've made me remember some different gestures that the 3 1/2 year old granddaughter is using-hm-m, wonder how she learned them? Thanks for the sweet poem.

    1. Yes, as I remember we did it often when I was in Brownies.
      There was even a My Little Pony tv episode that featured one of the horses breaking a Pinkie Promise. Check Youtube and there are several entries.

  2. Pinkie promise isn't something I've heard in a long time either. Thanks for bringing it back to me. Fun to stroll down memory lane.

  3. Linda,
    Many of your calendar items work that way for me. And you always ask the best questions to stimulate thoughts and conversations. Thanks for stopping by. Isn't tomorrow 12th Night?

  4. Lovely and innocent. I also like your prompt... must give that some thought.

  5. Lovely! I can see such an earnest face in this poem.

  6. I love "pinkie promise." So serious and so silly, at the same time.