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Monday, April 22, 2013

Each day during the month of April I will add a line to this poem.


Poetry is life distilled. --Gwendolyn Brooks

  It is finding the truth, no need to lie.
  It's munching on watermelon and letting seeds fly.
It's a letter that comes with a card in the mail.
  It's the lacy silver threads left by a garden snail.
It's daffodil trumpets covering the hill.
  It's a deer at the creek, drinking her fill.
It's giggling and laughing and being absurd.
  It's reading a haiku and feeling each word. 
It's a dragon who blows flames, loud and hardy.
   It's fairies in the garden having a tea party.
It's the sound of a truck shifting its gears.
  It's the feel of two soft puppy dog ears.
It's a bright sun rise and glowing moon shine.
  It's a Carolina wren singing in a Lob-lolly pine.
It's a snowman rolled on a cold winter morn.
   It's crows calling from tall tasseled corn.
It's the whisper of hummingbird wings in the air.
It's plaits and curls tied with bows in my hair.

It's spying a bird feeding her young.
It's pink cotton candy that melts on your tongue.
It's watching black ants as they march by.
It's corn on the cob for the Fourth of July.

It's a bumble bee tumbling inside a rose.
It's dandelion puffs tickling my nose.
It's a penny tossed in a wishing well. 
It's the cackle of a witch casting a spell. 

     Happy Earth Day.  what are you doing today to celebrate our earth?  I pick up trash on my morning walk everyday, so I feel like I celebrate everyday.  What could be better than that?  Now here is a crazy thought, poets do a great job of trying to protect the earth because we try to be very energy efficient when it comes to words.  Today, look at one of your old poems to see if there are words you could take out without changing the meaning.  Are there redundant word in your poem?  Have a great day.

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