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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


A fly is buzzing
around my head.
I wish that fly
would be dead.

I try to catch him
but he flies away
then comes back
in an annoying way.

I cover my ears
and what do you think?
He lands on my nose,
the little stink!

I try to grab him
but he's too fast. 
How long can
his buzzing last?

I get the fly swatter
and then what do I see?
No more fly to bother me.

I put the swatter down.
And then guess what?
The fly is back
to kick my --OOPS.

But I'm going to win
some how, some way
and get rid of this fly
some time today.

      I've had a fly interrupt my writing today, and I figured if I wrote a poem about him, maybe he'd fly away and leave me be--I do hate killing things.  Can you write your own poem today about an insect?

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  1. In the comics for July 24, BABY BLUES-- the boy catches a fly in his hands and then let it go. "I'm strictly a catch and release kind of guy," he says. I tried this; catching the fly in my hands, but when I walked outside to release it, I didn't have a fly caught there. RATS!