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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Silly Rhyme

Before Uncle died 
and said Adios,
they called for a doctor
most grandiose.

The doctor sat up Uncle
before he'd diagnose,
"This man is not dead,
he's comatose."

     Oh goodness, I'm being silly again.  Today I looked at a page of rhyming words from the SCHOLASTIC RHYMING DICTIONARY.   The page (from the book, p. 142) was part of a handout from a poetry workshop.  I was looking at the three syllable words ending  in OSE.  There were only four, so I thought I could write a short poem using the words.  Can you use a rhyming dictionary today to write a silly poem?  Have a good time.

He's another silly one from OSE

There was a lady
big as three buffaloes
who lives in a tiny
little bungalow.

Until the day when
a special beaux
asked her out to
the movie show.

The dear lady
quickly came to blows
trying  to put on
her pantyhose.

She was standing
on her tippy toes
when everything fell
like dominoes.

She tried hard
not to expose
all her skin
that overflows.

Now she's famous
for inventing clothes.
She has stockings
that open and close.

You can see her and
all she sews
on her you-tube

     Crazy, yes.  But, isn't that the fun of poetry?  I don't know why I think pantyhose is a funny word, maybe it has to do with some of my experiences with them.  Hope you have a great time writing.

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