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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


      Sorry to be slow with my posting for yesterday, but it was my birthday and I was having a grand time. I went to a Friends of the Library book sale and bought lots of great picture and poetry books.  Lots of books at $10 a bag.  And here is a poem about what happened with my birthday dinner.


Eating dinner,
my cards and presents
by my plate.

Unwrapping gifts
my family knows me
I get a new journal.

The cake is chocolate
the ice cream too.
I look up to see
movement out the window.

There in my backyard
is a bobcat.
She slowly walks closer.

She has come to give me
one more present
the gift of her sighting.

     Do I need the last line of this poem? Or, should I switch the last two lines? Can you see how, "There in my backyard/ is a bobcat." is more exciting than There is a bobcat/ in my backyard? The order of the words  helps to build excitement.
     Can you write a free verse poem about what you did today?
     I feel wonderfully blessed to have so many friends sending greetings for my birthday via email and Facebook.  Thank you all.  I'm such a lucky girl.

Editing a poem is like picking fleas from a monkey's back.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Joy! Seeing a bobcat is a gift indeed. =)

  2. Hey Bridget. Saw your poem about graduation. Congratulations. Is your graduate off to NM next fall?

  3. Happy birthday, Joy. Sounds like you had a terrific day. Bobcats are beautiful. What a treat.

  4. True nature lovers put a sighting as the highlight of the party. I'm so glad your day was extra special.

    No advice for the lines. Put it away for a while and then decide.