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Friday, March 25, 2016


Bring on the colors
the colors of spring
that let us delight,
that let us all sing.

Bring on the shades
and the colorful hues.
Bring on the bird songs
spreading their news.

Bring on the trees,
the flowers, the light.
Bring on the paints
that give us delight.

Bring on the red,
the green, yellow,and blue.
Bring on springtime
with everything new.

Bring on new growth
that brings energy.
Come springtime, come
for you and for me.

   Whoever spoke the phrase, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, wasn't speaking about this year. Yesterday my friends in Colorado had a HUGE snow storm.  My friends on the East Coast were battling cold winds and even here in Hawaii we had thunder, lightning, and flooding.  I guess that is why I felt moved to write my poem inviting spring to hurry up and get here.  Hopefully, by the end of the month, we'll see lamb like weather.  What animal would you use to describe your weather?  Can you find a good metaphor for your weather and write your own poem today?  Have fun writing.  Is you weather like bees buzzing?  Like a turtle hiding in its shell?  Like a dog growling or a cat with a humped back?  Like a giraffe with a long neck that the storm has to get through before it reaches the point where it can do some good? (That one was a stretch.  Sorry for the bad pun.) Anyway, you get the idea.


   Today is Poetry Friday and Heidi Mordhorst is hosting the roundup on her blog My Juicy Little Universe,

Spring is just around the corner. Tie on your Easter hat.


  1. Our weather is a cold wet mist festooning the trees. But we hardy New Englanders can go out for ice cream in any weather, any times of year. And so we did. LOL You can't be sad about rain when you're eating ice cream.

  2. Hi Joy! Thank you for mentioning Colorado, Joy, it has been quite a week, from mid-seventies to the blizzard, now a new storm coming in tonight. I love your bright and cheery poem, will hold it close till spring FINALLY arrives. Sorry to hear about your flooding!

    1. I'm fine. We didn't even lose power, which happened to a lot of folks. Tomorrow Hawaii has it's primary for the Democratic Party and I was thinking about all the people who would be excluded if the bridge wasn't open. Thank goodness the bridge opened this afternoon.

  3. Joy, when I think of you in Hawaii I think of perpetual spring, so I'm interested in this post that shows me I'm wrong about that! And, I enjoyed your "stretch." :) :) :) xo

    1. Just remember hurricanes do hit the islands, but it has been over 10 years since Kauai has had a bad one. Most days it does feel like perpetual spring. I'm still learning what it is like here year round.

  4. Your poem really does bring on energy, and I feel so grateful that spring *has* come on strong here--cherry blossoms and all! I was talking with a colleague of Fiona's, Keoki, about visiting his homestead in Hawaii. How I would love to see what you see every day!

    1. Seeing the cherry blossoms in DC is on my list of things to do and see. Someday I'll make it just right. What island is Keoki from? Yes, do come visit me. Today I saw an Easter egg hunt on the beach. It was really great to see the colored eggs against the white sand.

  5. I'm with you, Joy! Bring it on, spring.

    1. Today it is looking great on the island. I'm really enjoying it. We'll eat dinner out on the lanai.

  6. wow! really amazing..thank for sharing..

    check out this poem for KIDS

    paw patrol finger family song

    1. Hey Kadlin,
      That was a cute video for children. Did you do it? Did you do the art? The music?
      Thank you for sharing.

  7. Joy, even though I am not finished designing Winter Wanderings, I am thinking ahead at a spring gallery. This poem would be lovely for it. Do you have a photo to pair with it? If you are interested, please send me your digital composition at cvarsalona dot at gmail. Thanks.