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Saturday, April 23, 2011


It is a beautiful morning.  I saw another dead snake on my morning walk.  This time it was a young Western Diamondback rattle snake.  The birds were especially noisy this morning, calling to one another and I saw several rabbits.  It is spring and a lovely time in the desert, unless you have allergies.  Here is a silly poem about that.


Mary Lu Longshoe didn't know what to do.
Every time she sneezed
She used another tissue.

She threw the tissue on the floor,
Stacked up piles behind her door.
Tissues in her closet, too,
Each time she sneezed

Tissues were packed tall on her bed
Piled so high they covered her head.
Tissues totally covered the chair.
No one could tell Mary Lu was there

Except for her muffled


I hope you don't have allergies, but if you do write a poem about it.  Have a great weekend.

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