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Thursday, April 21, 2011


On my walk this morning, I saw a dead snake by the side of the road.  I picked it up with my grabber stick and tossed it into the bushes hoping some animal could possibly eat it.  It did get me thinking.

Snakes in the Road

On full moon nights
when the light is bright
snakes crawl out on the road.

Night air may chill
the road holds them still
heat-seeking comfort is there.

Their scales gleam and glow
shine in an eerie halo
making a beautiful sight.

So if you're driving by
look with a keen eye
for their sparkling show on the road.

If you see a snake, please don't kill it.  Many snakes aren't poisonous. Snakes are more frightened of you, you're huge, than you are of them.
Snakes help to keep the rodent population down. 

Have you ever written a poem about a snake?  Was it sneaky in some way?  Did it hiss?
Perhaps you could write a concrete poem in the shape of a snake.  
Have fun writing.

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