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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another apology poem

So here is another thing to say, I'm sorry about.


I’m sorry I let the ball bounce off my knee,

And when Mother cheered from the stands
I touched the inbound ball with my hands.

I’m sorry I missed the game winning goal.
I slipped, then fell when I stepped in a hole.

I’m sorry I let their team’s forward rush by.
Then sat on the ground and started to cry.

I hate how the ball stings my shin.
I worry about getting hit on my chin.

I don’t want to practice that header stuff.
It musses my hair and takes out the puff.

I hope that it will be OK.
I really DO NOT want to play.

Soccer is hard, and much too rough.
Frankly I’ve had, more than enough.

Come on Dad, what do you say,
May I please sign up for ballet?

Your daughter,
Ashanti McFee

Do you like to play soccer?  Can you write a poem about your favorite sport?

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