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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our New Puppy


I have a new puppy, she’s started to teethe;

the things she chews, you wouldn’t believe!

She bit a hole in my running shoe,

munched lions and tigers from Junior’s toy zoo.

She chewed the leg on the kitchen chair,

the family sofa and the Frigidaire.

Destroyed my backpack and basketball,

she even chewed a hole through the wall.

She ripped up carpet in the hall,

tore up Dad’s tools, and Mom’s red shawl.

She gnawed off bark from our neighbor’s tree,

punctured the tire on our SUV.

If she went to Alaska, I know what she do—

She’d chew huge holes in an icy igloo.

The President called on his secret phone

said our dog had chewed holes in the ozone.

Before this K-9 ruins my home

will someone please give

our puppy a bone?

1 comment:

  1. HI Joy,

    I'm glad he's your puppy and not mine. :)

    I loved that you called him a K-9. Clever!

    Sorry, I have no bones--only birdseed.

    Linda A.