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Monday, June 20, 2011

What's In There?

    Today's poem written for two or more voices using a repetitive chant.  Maybe it is my irregular eating habit lately that has me thinking food!


Mama, oh Mama!
Look in there,
In my milk
There’s a hair.
Drink it child
And do not sass.
How else will you grow
A milk mustache?

Daddy, oh Daddy!
What’s the big deal?
There’s a cricket
In my oatmeal.

Hurry to eat it,
And get the froth,
Munch it quickly
Fore it jumps off.

Granny, oh Granny!
There’s a fly
Sitting in my
Chicken potpie.

Eat it child.
Just blow off that fuzz.
How else will you get
A good fly buzz?

Granddaddy, oh Granddaddy!
They’ve tried to hide her,
But inside my hamburger
There’s spider.

Hush now child.
Don’t be mean.
It’s just some good
Lean protein.

1 comment:

  1. Joy,

    Just dip it in ketchup and it all tastes good. :)

    Linda A.