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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Owl Butterfly

 Owl butterfly
quiet and shy
on its wings
an owl eye.

    This butterfly gets its name from the owl eye on its wings as a form of protection.  Birds who might eat this butterfly are frightened by the owl, even if it is only an eye on the butterfly wings.  Camouflage is employed for protection by a lot of the animals in the rain-forest.
    For today's poem, let's write about camouflage.  Or if that doesn't work for you, how about protection?


  1. Joy,
    I have never heard of an Owl Butterfly. What an interesting reason to have an "owl eye." Now you have me curious about other animals with unusual protection. Do you have any books you'd recommend on this topic?

  2. THis is great! You should have saved this one for a sub for highlights. Is that your picture? If so, you could have subbed that, too!

  3. I love this poem, Joy! Simple, yet articulate...lovely. Thank you for sharing,