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Monday, February 18, 2013

Purple Finch

Two purple finch
sat on a telephone line,
said one to the other,
"Oh I opine
that today
will be 
sunny and fine."

Said the second finch
to the first,
"I think this weather
is the worst--
desert living
is a curse."

"Ah," said the first finch,
"it all depends
on where your happiness
begins and ends. 
I know I can make this
a very good day,
but I will allow you
to have your say."
  Oh my goodness, that does need work, but I had so much fun thinking about the conversation between the two finch sitting on the wire this morning.  The bright purple male, who is really red, probably was saying "Hey, Honey want to come check out my nest?"  It is definitely that time around our house where all the animals are pairing up.  Can you write a poem today that is a conversation between two of something?  What do you think your shoelace would have to say to your shoe?  Could your spoon have something to say to your morning oatmeal?  What would a washrag say to your face, or your ears?  I know you can have fun with this prompt.  If you'd like to share your poem, please leave it in the comments below.

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