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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lei Day

May Day
is Lei Day
a chance 
to say
in a special way.

Make a lei
a chain of flowers
to drape 
on this day
the neck
of someone
you know.

Bring the spirit
of love
and Aloha
to those
who need a lift.

Bring the smell
of Hawaiian islands
to those
who need a break
from their stress.

Happy Lei Day.

    Yes, I know this is coming to you on May 2 and Lei Day is May 1, but as my Island friends tell me, it is never a bad day to receive the gift of a lei.  So maybe I'm early for next year.  Your challenge for today is to write a poem from the viewpoint of your favorite flower.  What is its life like?  How does it feel about the other flowers, the birds, cats or dogs?  Have fun.  I think I'm going to try drawing a lei.

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  1. I miss the progressive poem. ily