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Friday, May 31, 2013


This evening
after the sun
goes by
grab your binoculars
and look
the western sky.

There just at
don't be slow
see three planets
before they go.

This will be
around about 8.
Start at the horizon 
then look
up straight.

in a line
will be
three planets 
for you
to see--
Venus, and

    I hope you can find time tonight and an unobstructed view to see these planets tonight.  Can you write your own poem about the night, the sky or the planets?  Use your imagination and have fun. 
   Poetry Friday is being hosted by Betsy at Teaching Young Writers.  Hop on over to read other fun children's poems.  thanks, Betsy, for hosting this week.


  1. I didn't know all 3 would be in view tonight - thanks!

  2. Matt,
    Saturn is also visible tonight, but you'd need a small telescope to see its magnificent rings, however. And much better directions than I can give to find it. Saturn is to the left (east) of Spica, the 16th brightest star in the sky--which should be about 47 degrees above the southern horizon. Try to do this before 9 o'clock tonight.

  3. Thanks Joy for telling about this, and in a poem, too! I don't have much of a clear view anymore, but I'll look, although it'll be later I think.

  4. Joy,
    What a clever way to inform readers of a great night sky experience. It's like an invitation in a poem. You're so original.

    1. Thank you. You couldn't have said anything nicer. My head is swelling. But alas, I think this is an occasional poem. Once the planets move on, there won't be much use for this poem--poor baby.

  5. Imaginative way to encourage astronomy, Joy! :-)

    1. Poetry and planets, somehow they go together. Thanks, Tabatha.

  6. I think I will try to write a night sky poem. I can imagine the sky atop a dune in Michigan on a clear night...all summer nights are usually clear when you are up in that clean clear air. Mmmm, I love the thought.

  7. I like that this poem both informs and entertains. Fun! =)