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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Ghost

There is a ghost in the bathroom
and he's not very nice.
He's stinky and noisy
and makes sounds like mice.

He rattles and moans
then leaves in a rush,
but first grabs the handle
and I hear him flush.

     This poem had me giggling.  Once I had that first line, I knew I was going to have fun writing this poem.  I actually like ending on the "sh" sound which lets the poem end in a whisper.  Can you write a poem today that features a line ending in a "sh" sound?  Have fun writing about your own ghost. Maybe she is in the kitchen eating the chocolate cake and leaving crumbs.

1 comment:

  1. Joy,
    I enjoyed the ghost in the bathroom too. What if you don't tell us he's in the bathroom. Let us guess from clues you give. This would be a good one for a magazine that purchases holiday items. If you like that idea, you could tie it to Halloween. I think kids would enjoy your humor! Go Joy!