This is my playground for poetry written for children with ideas and inspiration for writing your own poems. Come on in. Sit for a spell, have a cup of words to swirl around and make your own cup of poetry. I'm so glad you are here. I hope you'll find the Kingdom of Poetry a fun place to be.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Concrete Poem



atop the
Eiffel tower

feeling a great
sense of power

when along comes
an April Shower.
Boy does that make
the day seem sour!

I walk back down,
it takes an hour, all the while
smelling the exhaust of rush hour.

I  guess  I  shouldn't  be  so  gloomy

and dour.                                     But SHUCKS,
only ducks                                                like rain
on their                                                         parade.


  1. Hi Joy,

    Hmm. Is the parade literal or figurative? Oh, I know the reader must decide for himself/herself. Right?

    Linda A.

  2. Joy,

    I like this a lot and am sorry that my blog package can't seem to get it about shaped poems. No matter how hard I try, everything slides flush left.


  3. Thanks David,
    This is getting to be fun. Have you heard of my diabolical plan to encourage everyone to submit concrete poems for your next WOW Challenge (Word of the Month)?
    This poem is presented flush left with spaces and some lines removed on Children's poet David Harrison's blog at http://www.davidlharrison.wordpress.com

    Look for his adult WOW challenge. this month's word is SOUR.

  4. So NOW I know what a concrete poem is. Thanks for the cool illustration. I'm not sure if my blog would take this shape either. I must try it sometime.

    I plan to follow you now. Such fun! Loved the snake poem, too. :)


  5. Beth,
    Thank you for taking the time to come by and check out the concrete poems. They are fun to write. Try your own. Some people consider William Carlos Williams' poem THE RED WHEELBARROW, a concrete poem because each stanza looks like a little wheelbarrow.
    Keep having fun and writing.
    Thanks for the comment.