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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just when
we are thinking
to erase the word
rain from the dictionary
the monsoons arrive.

The golden barrel cactus
grows round, plump,
and full.

The seams
of the saguaro
fill and their deep creases
flesh out.

Even the small yellow
creosote flower
permeates the air
in heavy, heady fragrance.

We all
heed the signs:
Avoid arroyos
during flash floods. 

    Poets have been writing poems about the weather for a long time.  I can remember when we were in England people used to say, "If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes.  It will change."   This is why they carry umbrellas, the British never know when it might rain.  Can you write your own poem about weather? 


  1. Joy,

    I especially liked your thoughts of erasing the word rain from the dictionary. It's your poetic way of saying, just when I thought it would never rain again, but your wording is original. Great hook!

    I am writing a teacher guide about a book entitled Weather by Caroline Harris. I've noticed that many nonfiction books and poetry books are written on weather. Weather is certainly a popular topic.

  2. Joy,

    Your thoughts of erasing the word rain from the dictionary was an awesome attention grabber.

    Loved this one!
    Linda A.

  3. Linda,
    Glad you enjoyed this one. The American Academy of Poetry has a long listing of poems about the weather. I just finished reading SNOW by Naomi Shihab Nye at their web site:


    Sorry, you'll have to paste that in your browser.