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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Cat

The cat
on my bed.
She's a cuddly
furry ball.
Her body
is warmly hot.
But she is NOT
that small.
She's asleep
in the middle
of my bed.
She really likes
that spot.
It's a  problem
when she won't move,
I can not sleep
in the space I've got.
Her purring keeps me
wide awake.
I think this kitten
may be a mistake.
At least it is not the same
as having a dog,
a Great Dane.

     Can you tell I don't really have a cat?  I'm visiting my sister in California.  It is her birthday.  She has a cat that wants to sleep on my bed. 
So, I think I really should comeback to this poem again and do some more work with the rhythm.  Do you have a dog or a cat?  Can you write a poem about your pet?
When my son was three he had a stuffed dog he would pretend to feed and have the dog sit up and beg.  He would take his stuffed dog for walks.  So even if you don't have a live pet, you can write about a pretend pet.  Have fun.  I'd love to hear about your pet.

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