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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I had a little problem.
I didn't know how to fix.
Until I let Google enter
into the problem mix.

I watched a YouTube video
made by a middle school boy
who said a locked cabinet
was like a children's toy.

So, I followed his directions.
The solution was really swell
and how I picked that lock
I'm never going to tell.

   I finally got my locked file cabinet open.  It had the metal brackets for my bookcases inside.  So, now I can start emptying boxes and boxes of books. But I still have more books than bookcases.
   Sometimes, I think I could have had a career as a cat burglar.  Once at a Highlight's Foundation Poetry Workshop, someone locked their room key inside their room.  It was late at night and the woman didn't want to call someone to come out and let her into her room. She was panicked and didn't know what to do.  I pulled out my credit card and had the door open in a jiffy.
    If such abilities are hereditary, my youngest son got the trait from me.  He used to love to play with locks as a kid.  Give him key or combination locks and he'd have them open in two shakes.  He once got a beautiful, leather brief case from the Thrift Shop for fifty cents because it was locked and no one could open it.  When he finally got the case open, there was  $5 inside.  He really is talented.
    Have you ever opened a lock, solved a puzzle or figured out a problem?  What was it?  What did you do?  Can you write about it today?  Have fun.

Most of my problems are small--first world problems.


  1. Interesting, Joy! I didn't know you had that talent. Glad your cabinet is open now :-)

    1. I have all sorts of hidden talents. But I guess you can learn almost anything with a Google search.

  2. Hm-m, a new place, a new home, & a new career! Should you be telling us about this, Joy? Glad about the cabinet, though!

    1. I did question if it was a good idea to let kids know there were instructions for picking locks on the www.

  3. Fun story! I used to climb through the neighbor's windows when they were locked out. I'd get stuck if I tried that now ;)

  4. Fun story! I used to climb through the neighbor's windows when they were locked out. I'd get stuck if I tried that now ;)

    1. Oh, for the days when we were small enough and agile enough to crawl through windows. I'll bet the windows were those old double-hung jobbers. Windows aren't so big or easy to open these days.

  5. Joy, I loved your poem, comments, and quote. You tackled your problem in a positive way and it created prompts for writing too. I feel like a trouble shooter many days. Does that count? For example: Currently, we're having trouble with our phone and internet. The company is having difficulty solving the problem. We keep calling when it goes out. Eventually, this will be solved.

    1. Just remember, phones are a first world problem.