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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mr. Spider

I saw a spider
on the wall,
watched him scoot
and start to crawl
away from me.
Couldn't leave him.
I crushed him,
smushed him,
then I flushed him
down the john.
Now the spider
is all gone.

   What do you think about spiders?  Are there insects, animals, or foods you don't like?  Can you write a poem today about something you don't like?  Have fun.

  I think the Universe is getting even with me for flushing that spider down the toilet.  The spider at the top of this post was five inches across.  He was on my kitchen floor and I was barefoot.
Then I went to my studio to clean, unpack some boxes and get some work done, and I saw this.  At first I thought the big spider had caught a lot of gnats to eat until I looked closer and saw all the little baby spiders.  YIKES.


  1. Aww, poor spider! :)
    Well, truth be told, I would also say good riddance. Not much of a spider person, really.

    1. Hey, this guy wasn't cute or cuddly. He was a big ugly jobber and he was right on the wall by my toilet, where I'm most vulnerable.
      Yes, in a Zen sense I felt guilty about eliminating another spirit, but that was only after I had smooshed him. Maybe the spider will come back as a hummingbird, or a seagull. Hawaii doesn't have either of these.

  2. I have a spider story that I'm working on, but my spider lives to see another day. At least in this version that's still a work-in-progress at this time. Mine is a female and lives in an outside garden. Who's to say what might happen in a different setting.

    1. I once wrote a story about Daddy-Longlegs to show children that they are harmless and fun to play with. I was going great until I found out that in England they are called Harvester spiders, and a Daddy-Longlegs is a poisonous spider there.
      Good luck with your work in progress.