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Thursday, October 6, 2011


When young fleas
go to school
they have to learn
all the rules--

like how to leap
and how to dive
doing gymnastics
to stay alive.

     Today's poem came from reading the funny pages this morning.  There was a picture of bugs in school and I thought how funny it was for a flea to go to school.  We all know lice often go to school.  So pick your insect or any animal at all and write a poem about what they would learn at school.  Or just read the comics and write a poem inspired by your reading.  Have fun. 

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  1. Hi Joy,

    Mary Had a Little Lamb comes to mind. Poems have been written about animals coming to school for many, many years. There are picture books about cats in the library, etc. What a great writing topic. I like how you show where you get your ideas too. This is a quality site. Keep reaching others through your posts.