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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Cold

Doctor, Doctor
please come quick.
Dad is coughing.
He is sick.

     Ok, that verse had a TRUE rhyme.  See how the last word in the second and fourth lines end in ICK?

Doctor, Doctor
please come fast.
Granny has taken
her last gasp.

Doctor,  Doctor
Please come fast
Dad is in bed.
He's passing gas.

     These two verses have slip rhyme, near rhyme, off rhyme, or rhyme based on assonance.  See how both lines two and four have the same soft or short a sound, followed by the s, but don't end in the T to match fast?

Daddy, Daddy
please come now.
The dog is dead
and so is the cow.

Brother, Brother
phone Auntie Rose
Joy has a cold
and a runny nose.  

      In these verses, the lines are a little forced, The second line is there simply so I can have something to rhyme with the fourth.  But let's play with this a little more and see what we come up with.

Sister, Sister
what should we do?
Mama is throwing up
she has the flu.

Uncle, Uncle
bring a clothes peg.
Grandad has fallen
and broken his leg.  
        Now, this is a good example of forced rhyme.  A clothes pin has nothing to do with a broken leg.

Jeanne, Jeanne
get out of bed.
Linda has fallen
and bumped her head.

Doctor, Doctor
bring every pill.
Brother is sick,
he's very ill.

     This could be done as a circle game with children where each child's name is used for the first line and the person next to that child is used in the third line.  Then the child in the first line is moved to the third line in the next verse.  The key to this is figuring out what the last line will be.

Freddy, Freddy
stop doing sums.
Bridget is here
and chewing gum.
      Ah, this one has another near rhyme.  Let's see if I can do better.

Kenny, Kenny
get off your bum.
Freddy is here
and he's chewing gum.

Oh, I can hardly wait to get together with a group of friends to try this out.  Now it is your turn.  Can you add your own verse to this ramble?  Start with the last line of the poem and work your was backwards.  Have fun.
  I'm giggling already with crazy ideas.

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  1. Joy,
    You might want to work up a few samples and send the rhyming game idea to a kids'magazine. I think Highlights might be interested. This sounds fun!

    Linda A.