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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Marvelous, Miraculous Monday

I am so excited and full of energy for this new week.  I have so much to share with you, but that will come a little bit later.  I'm so busy writing.


There are days I do not know
who I am or where I'll go.
On these days I take it slow
foot in front of foot
and pay attention as I go.

This is a developing poem.  I know this and several more verses are coming to it.  It does reflect how I'm feeling today.  I do like that last line pay attention as I go.
Poet Mary Oliver has part of a line in her poem THIS SUMMER DAY where she says, "I do know how to pay attention."  This is what poets do.  It is what scientists do too.  So for today try paying attention to all the things you see.  Make a list.  Then pick one thing from your list to write a poem about.  Fall in love (or hate) with that one item and let your reader know all about it
Look at the drop of water that drips from your faucet or the shower head.  What causes the drip to be that drop shape just before it falls?  What shape is it when it splats on the tile?  Look closely.  (These are questions physicist Richard Feynman asked when he was young.) When you have ketchup at lunch, does it flow from the bottle the same way?  Or watch a grasshopper like Mary Oliver, or an ant.  Have fun observing today.

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  1. Joy,

    I love the idea of writing a developing poem. Thanks for sharing names of famous people to research too.

    Linda A.